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Damp consequences

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Damp makes homes dangerous for families

The presence of damp in your home may cause serious problems and consequences in people health, domestic economy and conservation of the building.

Get rid of damp problems permanently before it's too late.

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Damp and Health

Damp problems in your house cause mainly respiratory problems that, in some cases, may get very serious.

Additionally, there exists a greater risk of accidents caused by detachment of constructive materials and electrocution.

Damp and your house

A wall seriously affected by dampness reduces its strength by 50%, posing a serious risk to structural stability of the building. Moisture can also produce oxidation of metal structural components in beams and pipes.

Damp and your Economy

The existence of damp problems reduces the value of your home, apart from gradually weakening its structure until last consequences. It is not only an aesthetic question, damp has an economic impact.

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Damp and your baby

Newborn care requires special attention by ensuring they breath clean air. Mites, fungi, bacteria, air pollutants … Poor air quality and with excessive humidity may cause respiratory problems to the baby or aggravate the ones that already exist.

Dehumidifiers? Humidity absorbers?


Marta Osuna, one of MURPROTEC customers tells us her struggle against damp: how she made the mistake of choosing partial solutions and how she got definitive solution to the problem of moisture and its consequences. Her story can save you time and money.

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