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MURPROTEC is the leading reference in Spain and Europe in definitive anti-damp treatments. Our company, founded in 1954, was pioneer in developing this type of treatments and, with the past of the years, became the first European market group until the date, leading definitive solutions against structural damp.

The reasons for its success and international recognition are based in our continuous commitment to improve diagnosis processes, work methods, especially, in the application of innovative solutions to eliminate damp problems. Additionally, strict quality controls performed in each step of the procedures, guarantee the results of our work.

With a presence in great part of Western Europe, MURPROTEC, as leading company, designs and develops anti-damp solutions, exclusive treatments with a warranty up to 30 years.

Murprotec, 60 years leading the treatments against damp


MURPROTEC integrates in its structure research labs, centres of continuous training to all technical staff, as well as high-tech raw materials reserved to the exclusive use of MURPROTEC company.

The quality and effectiveness of anti-damp treatments developed by MURPROTEC cannot be overcome until the date.

Investigación Murprotec


  • In-house technology.
  • Continuous research in our own labs.
  • Quality controls in every step of the treatment.
  • Continuous training centres to our technical staff.
  • High-tech and exclusive raw materials.

Exclusive guarantee up to 30 years

MURPROTEC, European leading company in definitive treatments against damp, offers to their customers a unique guarantee in building field. Thanks to its experience and service quality, MURPROTEC can offer a 30-year guarantee in rising damp treatments.

30 years warranty Murprotec

Recognised treatments

MURPROTEC anti-damp treatments are recognised by the main certifying organizations.


MURPROTEC group has 32 delegations in 7 European countries. Our professional teams recommend, design and apply unique and patented procedures. No other firms could offer you as much experience and effectiveness.

Our offices in Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy and Portugal, with more tan 200 specialists in damp treatments, makes of MURPROTEC the European leading company in definitive solutions to damp in buildings.

Over 9,000 successful works each year in Spain

The quality and effectiveness of MURPROTEC anti-damp treatments cannot be overcome until the date. And it is how MURPROTEC successfully manages over 9,000 works each year, from private homes to the most prestigious historical monuments.

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