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What MURPROTEC customers say

humedades paredes

“Each winter, the same thing happened: spots of mould appeared at bedrooms corners and even we saw drops of water running down the windows. We used all types of anti-mould paints but the problem was still there.

We were desperate, even we thought about selling our home. We called MURPROTEC, and the specialist told us that, although we had severe condensation problems, they could solve the problems ensuring good results. We trusted them and now we have a healthy home. We are very satisfied with MURPROTEC and we would recommend it to anyone with the same problem.”

humedades techo

The house had a musty smell upon entering, it was stuffy. We had black spots at the top of the wall and even we found mould and mildew growing on clothes and shoes in the wardrobes”. But the most worrying was that our daughter suffered from respiratory problems and, according to the doctor, they were closely related to the mould and general humidity in our home.

When MURPROTEC specialist visited our home, we were told not to worry because they can solve our problem… We haven't had any damp problem since then, my daughter's coughing subsided and she feels better.”

humedades garaje

After heavy rainfalls, damp problems appeared in the residents' parking, even water leaked through the soil and the wall. We had to paint parkings every two years, as renders and paint peeled off.

We saw a MURPROTEC advertising canvas in a work they carried our in our street. They provide us a quotation, ensuring the results. Walls were waterproofed with an innovative technique. Since then, we have not seen a single drop of water, nor damp.”


Next testimonials are real comments from Murprotec clients who have successfully solved their damp problems in their homes once and for all:

It’s now three years, Viladecans’ delegation installed two CAT units at home and we are super happy… we have said goodbye to damp, condensation in the windows and musty odours… I’m 100% satisfied.

I’m V.R. and thanks to you, I have solved my problem and I am very satisfied with the effectiveness and the rapidness of the treatments. Many thanks.

Thanks to Murprotec Barcelona our problems of dampness are solved and we feel more relaxed as we have young children, thanks. J.A.C. Client from Terrassa.

They solved our damp problems when no other companies offer us a solution. If you have a problem, call them: by sure, they can offer you a solution.

humedades garaje

“We couldn’t store anything in the garage: bikes were rusty, as well as washing machine and pipes. After heavy rainfalls and floods, mould grew anywhere, even in cardboard boxes. I didn't dare leave the car in the garage. It was an important stay of the home we couldn't use at all.

I heard a MURPROTEC advertisement on the radio and they came to diagnose the problem. They assured us that, after the adequate treatment, we could fully use our garage. Now, the problem is completely solved and the ground floor of our house is as healthy, that we are thinking to turn it into an extra bedroom.”

humedades paredes

“The paint in our hall and living room  peeled off. No matter which product we use, it damaged within a few months, We didn't know what to do...

We called MURPROTEC and they carried out an specific treatment to  tackle the problem at source.. Since then, the problem never happened again.”

humedades paredes

“We bought a Catalan masia with more than 120 years old, with the intention of  reforming it and enjoying it during weekends. The humidity level  climbed a metre surrounding the entire perimeter. we were told there was no solution to this kind of problem.

We saw a Murprotec advertising on TV, we asked for a diagnosis and quotation, and they told us they had a solution to our problem with results guaranteed up to 30 years. Five years after, we have not detected any trace of damp.”