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Murprotec, the pioneer and leading Company in Spain and Europe since 1954, offers an online diagnosis which let you know the cause and the solution of your damp problem, and a free no obligation quote.


3. Result: your online diagnosis

According to the information provided and, until it is confirmed by an specialist in person, it is a case of:



Normal daily activities at home (showering, cooking, ironing, washing and drying clothes, etc.) produce an excess of water vapour in the environment.

If we add to this fact a poor ventilation inside houses, this allows water vapour to be struck in the house and it produces condensation phenomena. Glasses appeared with condensation in the morning, mould spots appear in walls or ceilings, the cost of heating increases, homes smell musty, as well as mildew grows in clothes or linens, furniture damages, etc...

And even more importantly, environments with problems of condensation may generate or aggravate some health problems such as asthma, sinusitis, respiratory allergies, headaches... More information about damp caused by condensation.


Opening the windows for some minutes everyday, is not enough to solve a condensation problem. Additionally, ventilation reduces even more during the winter.

Humidity absorbers may improve small moisture problems caused by condensation temporarily and in reduced spaces (a maximum of 14 squared metres) but, in most cases, they do not solve damp problems and condensation continues to worsen.

Dehumidifiers can only treat reduced spaces (a maximum of 25 squared metres) and, as humidity symptoms normally appear in several rooms at the same time, unless 3 or 4 dehumidifiers are installed throughout the home, or a sole dehumidifier does not provide a complete solution. Additionally, a dehumidifier doesn't renew the air because it runs on a closed circuit, that worsens the air quality.

Condensation problems requires an specialist with a great number of accumulated cases, to design a complete and definitive solution: MURPROTEC is the company that develops more damp treatments in Spain and Europe.

Furthermore, you have MURPROTEC warranty, with 50 years of existence. All of this gives you absolute certainty that Murprotec is the definitive solution.

Quotation: eliminate dampness caused by condensation

This online diagnosis you just get should be confirmed by a MURPROTEC damp specialist. This expert will make a series of measurements that will allow you to:

  • Knowing the exact cause of your problem
  • Proposing the most suitable solution
  • Providing a quotation
Free of charge travel expenses and working time of the specialist, and free information without obligation.
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